File Extension Emz

Graphics files used by Microsoft products like MS Office and Visio commonly have the .emz file extension. In reality, the .emz file format is not specifically unique, rather it is simply the .emf (Enhanced Metafile) format which has been compressed using GZIP compression. MS Office and Visio use the .emz natively, but the files can be unzipped with any decompressing tool that supports GZIP technology, and opened as .emf files. If your decompression software is unable to recognize and unzip the .emz, try re-naming it with the .zip file extension. In addition, sometimes the names of the unzipped files will need to be edited manually by the user before they can be opened or edited. If the decompression produces a file with the extension .em, .EM, .EMF, or .EMZ, it will need to be changed to .emf (all lower case letters).


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Finding a graphics program that allows opening and editing of .emf and .emz files is difficult. Adobe Illustrator is one commercial product that can open or place .emf files, and it can also export to the .emf format. Problems have been reported by users attempting to use emf. files exported by Adobe Illustrator in other applications, such as CorelDraw. A suggested fix is to open the .emf files in MS Word, export them in .pdf format, and use the new .pdf in CorelDraw. Users who want the capability of editing .emf files or use them in other applications should consider finding a conversion program to save the files in another format. Many conversion programs are readily available on the internet.

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More Info Regarding File Extension Emz

With the Speed Project's SpeedCommander software, users get .emz conversion support. The software is a commander style file manager for Windows that includes in its user commands the ability to directly decompress .emz files to .emf. ReaConverter from ReaSoft is another popular conversion program. It supports over 400 formats for reading and 30 formats for writing. With ReaConverter you can do batch conversions, import digital camera raw formats, add effects, and do some editing. ReaConverter will not decompress the .emz files on its own, so a separate application must be used. As previously mentioned, make sure the uncompressed files have the .emf file extension. If they don't, simply rename them. Other commercial conversion products include Image Converter Plus, Aye View (which also doubles as a graphics viewing tool), Advanced Batch Converter, ImageWalker, and ABC Amber Image Converter.

To decompress the .emz files consider a free program called UnzipThemAll. It is a fully independent program that doesn't require any other archiving software to be installed. It supports GZIP as well as all the other compression formats. If UnzipThemAll is not for you, try WinZip, GZip, WinAce, Stuffit, PowerArchive, WinRAR, or 7-zip. For those running the Linux or BeOS operating systems, GZIP archiving is already part of your OS environment by default.

In late 2005, Microsoft announced a possible vulnerability involving its Metafile format. It was discovered that the graphics rendering engine within the Windows software made it possible to execute code remotely. Microsoft released a security update in January 2006 to correct this issue. Windows PCs that are not regularly updated with security fixes should be updated as soon as possible to avoid the risks involved with .emf and .wmf files.

Other errors related to .emz file generally exist because of corrupt data. Compression and decompression by their very nature have at least a minimal risk of data loss or corruption. Errors are known to occur with converters and viewers if unexpected results are found in the file headers. If you experience errors with a converter or viewer, try opening the file using MS Word. If it opens correctly, the image itself is not corrupted.

Those using the OpenOffice Suite may experience import errors when trying to use an .emf with OpenDraw. The OpenOffice team has affirmed a bug in the software and is working on a fix. Although OpenOffice supports .emf files, complaints about its rendering resolution are common.

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